Perusal Quotes - Perusal Quotes is a simple minimalist random quotes app that allows you to read , favorite and share thought provoking quotes with a tap. Customize the looks by choosing from dozens of animated gradients.
   NavAR - NavAR is a Location Based Augmented Reality Android App . It uses the BeyondAR framework for AR.
   Nimble Nearby - Android app which searches and displays point of interest's around the user using the full gamut of the Android framework, including a Material user experience and the use of a variety of Google Play services.
   Popular Movies - An Android App that Displays Movie details ,trailer and reviews .
   Stock Hawk - Android App for Curating Stock Quotes and Details .
   Build It Bigger - A Joke-telling Android App that uses Gradle , factoring functionality into libraries and flavors to keep the build simple. Also configured a Google Cloud Endpoints development server to supply the jokes.
   XYZReader - A slick looking Android App using material design used for reading articles .
   GoUbiquitous - A Weather info Android App that supports Android wear through a beautifully crafted watch face.
   Skydiving - A Simple Skydiving Game built using OpenGL and C++ as a part of the University Undergraduate Mini Project.